THE Port of Hamburg is the second major port to opt for sustainable mooring solutions development by Straatman BV. Solar panels provide power to quick-release mooring hook units with integrated capstans.

Traditional solutions depend on underwater power cables where the installation is a time-consuming, costly and high-risk operation. Moreover, it is not uncommon for the power lines to be damaged by anchors or during dredging activities.

Solar-powered solutions seek to avoid these issues by removing the need for underwater cables altogether. This means the lead time for the construction of dolphins and berths is reduced and maintenance costs are low.


The ‘solar systems’ provide power to capstans as well as working lights in order to guarantee safe berthing. The dolphins are equipped with triple and quadruple 125 and 150 ton quick release hooks, also supplied by Straatman.

Using LoRa technology, essential system details are shared, including available power, energy consumption, battery quality and a log of the capstan use. This allows the Port of Hamburg to monitor the status of the mooring systems in a web app and plan just-in-time preventative maintenance.

Hamburg’s new berthing area was completed in the last quarter of 2019. It serves as a waiting area for vessels with a deep draft that depend on the tide to enter the Port of Hamburg.