THE Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has heralded the replacement of the Council of Australian Governments with National Cabinet and the establishment of a National Federal Reform Council. It believes this is a “chance to slash layers of bureaucratic red tape and help create jobs as the country faces the economic fallout of the COVID-19 crisis”.

“While COAG had achieved a number of agreements, it had become increasingly challenging for stakeholders to negotiate the various councils which made up the Coalition,” ACCI CEO James Pearson said.

“We need our political leaders to make sure federal decision-making structures and processes are fit for the new national purpose.

Mr Pearson said the ACCI looks forward to communicating the needs of business, in order to create jobs, directly with the National Cabinet.

“Throughout the COVID crisis, National Cabinet has demonstrated that Australian governments can come together to tackle big issues and deliver significant outcomes quickly,” he said.


“The same ambition and speed of decision making seen in dealing with the COVID crisis is going to be needed in its wake.

The ACCI believes the “number one” challenge facing the Australian economy after COVID is getting people into jobs.

“If Australia is to retain its place in the world after COVID, the economy will need to be more productive and competitive over coming years. National Cabinet and the National Federation Reform Council give us the best chance of achieving this,” Mr Pearson said.