DESPITE constraints caused by COVID-19, the Indian Register of Shipping has successfully launched a new dedicated cement carrier in China, the Advaita.

IRClass surveyors braved changing global and local restrictions and immense challenges including the movement of manpower, to ensure the float occurred as planned.

Advaita is under construction at Penglai Zhongbai Jinglu Ship Industry in China. The ship is a 160 metre-long, 22200dwt, dedicated cement carrier  and is designed  to comply to all  the latest IMO conventions and codes like SOLAS, MARPOL and Loadline for worldwide operations.


Mr P K Mishra, head of operations of IRClass said, “I’m glad we were able to put into action and demonstrate our ability to adapt and respond quickly to the changing environment.

“The safety and well-being of IRClass’ surveyors is the top priority for us and all safety measures and precautions are in place for them to carry out their roles.

“IRClass remains truly committed to its members to support their business needs and will continue monitoring the changing circumstances to ensure that their needs are met,” he said.