Monday 19th Nov, 2018

Minister addresses urban encroachment fears

Image: Jim Wilson
Image: Jim Wilson

VICTORIAN ports and roads minister Luke Donnellan has noted urban encroachment on crucial freight corridors is an increasing industry concern.

Mr Donnellan was speaking on the opening morning of the 2018 Australian Logistics Council and Australian Trucking Association Supply Chain Safety and Compliance Summit at Melbourne Park.


In a location usually frequented by tennis players, the minister addressed key issues raised in the recent Delivering the Goods freight plan.

“Industry [is] particularly concerned about urban encroachment and the need to protect freight precincts and corridors,” Mr Donnellan told the gathering in relation to survey information from the freight plan.

Mr Donnellan spoke of reserving land for the Western Interstate Freight Terminal at Truganina.

“For road freight, we’ll make it easier for more efficient freight combinations to get broader access to the network,” he said.

Mr Donnellan said industry was concerned at playing “second fiddle” to more glamorous industries.

“Too often freight is seen by the community as an irritant, rather than a generator of wealth and prosperity,” he said.

“It is a ‘disconnect’ between the trucks on the Monash and the breakfast cereal that people eat each morning on their table. Industry very much wants that connection restored.”

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