SEVERAL branches of the Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association have come together to offer free WISTA membership for seafarers until 31 August 2020.

Membership allows seafarers to access the largest network of female managers in the shipping industry, as well as online seminars, webinars and workshops. The idea for the project came from WISTA Norway.

Pia Meling, the president of WISTA Norway, said while most of the world was on lock-down “there is a group of people; the seafarers, out on the oceans working hard to deliver energy to markets and food to homes”.

“Due to border closures and stringent disembarking restrictions, a majority of the seafarers have now been onboard for longer than their regular working period.  This project is an appreciation for all that they do, and a connection to the greater community,” Ms Meling said.


With many countries implementing stay at home orders, WISTA workshops and seminars have gone online, making activities more accessible to seafarers who may be at sea for months at a time.

Many National WISTA Associations including WISTA Norway and WISTA Singapore have opened their virtual activities to members all over the world.

“WISTA embraces seafarers as a key component of our membership.  I hope this project expands the number of seafarers who view WISTA as an important part of their professional development and network,” said Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou, president of WISTA International.

“WISTA Norway has been a visionary within the WISTA organisation. They spearheaded this project, which really exemplifies the values of WISTA: professional, dynamic, open-minded and committed.”