AUSTRALIA-based Global Energy Ventures has announced it has entered into a memorandum of understanding with German company ILF Beratend Ingenieure to identify and develop green hydrogen projects in Europe and Australia, which will include GEV’s C-H2 shipping system.

ILF will design the upstream infrastructure from the producer to the export or loading facility and downstream from the import or unloading facility to the consumer, while GEV is covering the port-to-port shipment of hydrogen.

Martin Carolan, GEV managing director, said, “GEV has identified Europe as a key market for the company’s C-H2 shipping and supply chain with the renewable energy sector growing at a rapid rate for some years and the transport of green hydrogen using compression highly suitable given the short to medium distances to future demand centres such as Germany.

“The MOU with ILF will establish GEV’s launch into Europe with one of the world’s leading engineering firms with expertise in the design and implementation of green hydrogen projects.”


The EU Hydrogen Strategy’s goal in 2030 is for the EU to have 40 GW of its own green hydrogen production capacity and the potential for the import of another 40 GW from outside of the EU to meet net zero targets in 2050.

Jens Kottsieper, ILF business development manager, said, “ILF sees Australia as an important supplier of green hydrogen, and we look forward to applying our expertise across the value chain.

“We also recognise the need for shipping of hydrogen into Europe given the need for large quantities. Transporting large quantities of gases has been a topic that has kept us busy for over 50 years,” Mr Kottsieper said.

“We are glad to be able to complement our pipeline and hydrogen expertise with GEV’s expertise in low-cost transport by ship.”

GEV is progressing the design and approvals of the C-H2 Ship, along with the related ship loading and unloading facilities.