NSW Ports reported increases in container volumes at Port Botany in June this year.

A total of 239,490 TEU crossed the wharves last month, an increase of 12.6% compared with the same month in 2021.

The figure comprises the 123,132 TEU exported and the 116,358 TEU imported last month, up from 108,104 TEU and 104,618 TEU exported and imported respectively in June last year.

Within last month’s total exports, 80,278 TEU were empty, up 21% since last June, when empties reached 66,230 TEU.

And the number of full containers exported was 42,854 TEU, a small increase of 2% since June 2021.

Port Botany reported increases across most of its top containerised imports. The largest increase was textiles and textile articles, from 5340 TEU in June last year to 6558 TEU last month (up 23%).

Textiles were followed by machinery, from 16,376 TEU imported last June to 19,305 TEU in the same month this year (up 18%).

Machinery exports saw the biggest growth, up 21% since June 2021, from 2000 TEU to 2413 TEU in 12 months.


The number of container ships which called Port Botany is also up, with 88 container vessels visiting the port in June 2022. In the same month last year, 75 containerships called the port.

Of the 88 vessels which visited last month, four ships were in the 9001 to 10,000 TEU bracket.

At Port Kembla, a total of 1.86 million tonnes of non-containerised cargo moved across the wharves in June this year.

The total volume was up almost 4% since June last year, when Port Kembla reported 2.75 million tonnes of cargo for the month.

Total exports reached 1.5 million tonnes last month compared with 1.35 million tonnes in June 2021 (up 11%).

But total imports decreased slightly since last year, from 1.4 million tonnes in June 2021 to 1.355 million tonnes last month (down 3%).

The number of ro-ro units exported from Port Kembla last month was 3435, a 164% increase since the same month last year (1301 units).

However, the number of ro-ro units imported in June was down 22% since the same month last year, from 38,984 units to 30,541 units.

The total number of ro-ro units passing through Port Kembla was down 16%, from 40,285 units to 33,976 units.