GREEN hydrogen development company Global Energy Ventures has appointed Capilano Maritime Design and Finnish engineering company Wärtsilä to carry out the contract design package for a new compressed hydrogen ship.

The contract design package, alongside ABS approval in principle will enable GEV to progress discussions with shipyards and engage in negotiations on design features, costs and construction schedule.

GEV managing director and CEO Martin Carolan said the appointment of the two companies will continue on from the concept design phase in 2021, which resulted in the approval in principle for a 430-tonne ship and a 2000-tonne ship.

“The engineering program in 2022 is key to achieving approval for construction in the first half of 2023. This will ensure our goal of first hydrogen exports from the Tiwi Hydrogen Project in 2026, being the first export of large-scale green hydrogen gas from Australia,” Mr Carolan said.

“GEV is also delighted to have appointed Clarkson Platou as the company’s ship broker to support our discussions with shipyards for the selection of a construction partner. Clarkson is the world’s largest ship broker and successfully advised the company back in 2019 for our CNG program.”

GEV is planning a two-stage testing program in 2022 to run in parallel with the engineering program.

Stage one of the testing program will involve a series of tests relating to material selection and weld qualification to optimise the construction of the stage 2 prototype tank, which will be designed, built and tested in accordance with ABS rules and guidelines.

GEV said it is now procuring the carbon steel and stainless steel plate material in preparation for stage 1 testing in the second quarter of next year.