MITSUI O.S.K. Lines has announced the launch of a joint project with Tsuneishi Shipbuilding and Mitsui E&S Shipbuilding to build an ammonia-powered liquefied gas carrier.

The vessel has initially been envisioned as a mid-size ammonia/LPG carrier equipped with a main engine that will run primarily on ammonia.

MOL said the ship would be designed to achieve net zero carbon emissions while underway by using a portion of its ammonia cargo as fuel.

“This ship type is in the mainstream of ammonia carriers used for international maritime ammonia transportation,” MOL said in a statement.


“Therefore, the vessel is able to call at major ammonia and LPG shipping and receiving ports around the world, meaning it can be used on a broad range of routes.”

The three companies are reportedly moving toward the joint development and design of the ship and plan to deliver and introduce the vessel around 2026.

“In line with trends toward decarbonisation, worldwide interest in ammonia fuel—which emits no carbon dioxide during combustion—is growing as a next-generation clean energy source,” MOL said.

“The move to strategically use ammonia as fuel has been accelerating in the maritime industry as well.

“The three companies will offer clean ocean transport solutions with net zero emission vessels and play a part in comprehensive efforts to realise a decarbonised society while anticipating and responding to rising demand for ocean transport of ammonia.”