PILBARA Ports Authority has reported an increase in total throughput at its ports in December.

In total, the ports delivered a monthly throughput of 68.5 million tonnes last month. This is a 6% increase compared with December 2020.

The Port of Port Hedland handled a monthly throughput of 51.6 million tonnes, of which 50.8 million tonnes were iron ore exports. This was a 9% increase to total throughput compared to December 2020.

Imports through Port Hedland were 210,000 tonnes last month, an increase of 28% on the same month in 2020.

The Port of Dampier delivered a total throughput of 15.9 million tonnes, a 3% decrease from December 2020.

Imports through the Port of Dampier totalled 69,000 tonnes, a decrease of 18% on December 2020.