THE Port of Townsville and Edify Energy have signed an agreement to work together to advance a renewable hydrogen export project, including investigation of the process and feasibility of exporting hydrogen through the port.

The signing of the MoU follows Edify’s recent development approval to build and operate a renewable hydrogen production plant with up to 1GW electrolyser for 5,000-150,000 H2 tonnes per year of renewable hydrogen at the Lansdown Eco-Industrial Precinct, located 46km south of Townsville.

Port of Townsville CEO Ranee Crosby said North Queensland is uniquely positioned to play a leading role in the world’s growing demand for hydrogen, presenting significant opportunities for the region.

“Hydrogen made with renewable energy is completely carbon-free and is a flexible energy carrier that can power almost anything that requires energy,” said Ms Crosby.

“This versatility, partnered with Townsville’s global connectivity and highly-skilled workforce, represents boundless opportunities to align the north’s economic prosperity with global ambitions to transition to a clean energy future.”

The port recently released its Port Vision 2050, charting a roadmap for the next 30 years, which has a strong emphasis on action on climate change.

“Facilitating the production, usage and export of green hydrogen is one of the port’s key strategic goals,” Ms Crosby said.


Minister for energy, renewables and hydrogen Mick de Brenni said Queensland has a track record of creating energy export industry.

“We are positioning Queensland as a global powerhouse for clean energy exports and the decent, secure jobs that will create for Queenslanders,” Mr de Brenni said.

“Renewable hydrogen will boost construction, utilities, heavy manufacturing, and a range of local service industries.

Edify CEO John Cole said Townsville’s existing infrastructure and industry was well placed to establish a renewable hydrogen production and export industry.

“Using a renewable energy source to produce large-scale green hydrogen means Townsville will be perfectly poised to be North Queensland’s hydrogen hub and export capital on the east coast.

“This is where future proofed jobs are created, new skills are learned, existing industries and infrastructure leveraged, manufacturing and communities thrive.”

Edify Energy joins a growing list of proponents seeking to export renewable hydrogen through the Port of Townsville, including Origin Energy and Ark Energy Corporation.