KIMBERLEY Ports is now responsible for the ports of Derby, Yampi Sound and Wyndham after they came under KPA’s governance on the first of this month.

The ports transfer is part of the second phase of the state government’s ports governance reform program aimed at all trading ports being regulated under the Port Authorities Act 1999.

The Kimberley ports were previously under the control of the Department of Transport managed under the auspices of the Shipping and Pilotage Act 1967.

KPA CEO Craig Faulkner said, “KPA has been working with the three ports leaseholders and managers to progress the amalgamation to ensure no disruption to services and a smooth transition.”

The Port of Yampi Sound consists of Koolan, Cockatoo and Irvine Islands with KPA taking responsibility for managing existing jetty licenses and maritime safety.

The Port of Derby is leased and managed by the Shire of Derby West Kimberley and KPA has been liaising with SDWK to undertake wharf maintenance planning.

KPA completed a request for proposals for the management and lease of Port of Wyndham and the preferred respondent was Cambridge Gulf, the current leaseholder and manager of the port.

“KPA is looking forward to working with lessees and managers to bring professional maritime safety and port practices to all Kimberley commercial trading ports, improved port development planning and facilitation of trade for the benefit of the region and the State,” Mr Faulkner said.

At the same time as these ports came under KPA’s governance, the Port of Varanus Island was transferred to the Pilbara Ports Authority. The move was also part of the WA government’s ports governance reform program.