GLOBAL Energy Ventures’ green hydrogen export project in the Northern Territory’s Tiwi Islands is progressing, with an initial focus on environmental permitting.

The proposed facility is to have a phased capacity of up to 2.8 gigawatts. It will produce up to 100,000 per year of green hydrogen for export to the Asia-Pacific region.

The project is to export the hydrogen using its compressed hydrogen ships, which are currently under development. The export facility is planned for the existing Port Melville facility on Melville Island.

The company engaged Darwin-based EcOz Environmental Services to prepare the environmental referral submission for lodgement with the NT Environment Protection Authority in the first half of this year.

GEV executive director and chief development officer Garry Triglavcanin said EcOz has extensive experience in referral submissions for renewable energy projects in the NT and the Tiwi Islands in particular.

“The referral submission is an important step forward as the environmental process is likely to drive the project schedule,” he said.

“There are a number of key environmental studies that can only be conducted during the current wet season.”

GEV said it was pursuing a “low environmental footprint” for the project; the proposed solar site is to be built on existing plantation land and the hydrogen production, compression and loading facilities are to be built at the existing port area.

The company said in the March quarter it would begin preliminary marketing activities of the hydrogen produced on Melville Island. It will be looking to markets of Singapore, Japan, South Korea and Indonesia.