AUSTRALIAN Border Force officers seized 120 kilograms of cocaine at the Sydney Container Examination Facility on Tuesday (25 April).

The ABF said it has been targeting border controlled drugs and shipping contains arriving from central and South America.

Officers inspected the container as part of the targeted operation and found the container seal damaged.

An x-ray of the container at the Sydney CEF, at Port Botany, revealed further anomalies.

ABF officers examined the contents of the container and found three black duffel bags wrapped in plastic among hessian sacks filled with coffee beans.

They found the cocaine inside the duffel bags, wrapped in plastic. The AFB estimates the cocaine to be worth around $48 million.

Justin Bathurst, ABF Commander enforcement and detained goods east, said the ABF is committed to protecting Australia’s borders and international ports.

“Our goal is to protect our community by ensuring illegal and dangerous drugs do not make their way to our streets,” he said.

“In this instance, ABF has been able to prevent approximately 600,000 drug deals.

“ABF’s technical expertise and sophisticated technology means that we will find the drugs, regardless of the method of concealment these criminals use.”

The ABF has urged anyone with information about the importation to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or report it online via Crime Stoppers online or Border Watch. Information can be provided anonymously.