ACFS Port Logistics was hit with a cyberattack in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The company’s managing director and CEO, Arthur Tzaneros, told DCN that he expected the company’s systems to be back up and running at full capacity by start-of-business on Thursday morning.

Mr Tzaneros said the business had been continuing to operate with minimal impact throughout the incident.

“We’ve been progressing along fairly well considering the circumstances,” he said.

The company’s cybersecurity team was alerted to something amiss at 3am on Tuesday.

“Our security systems picked the incident up very quickly and we shut all our systems down in under 45 minutes; the fact that we picked it up so quickly has allowed us to recover as quickly as we have.,” he said.

“The teams are working extremely hard to get us back into an operational state.”

Once the incident was discovered, the company immediately activated its redundancy procedures for all divisions. Many usual processes have been handled manually.

“Right now, we’re just making sure that all the security overlay is appropriately installed in the new environment,” Mr Tzaneros said on Wednesday afternoon.

he would not comment on the nature of the incident, but he said ACFS would not be paying any ransom in connection with the incident.

“We have a very strong position on this, and no ransom has been paid, and nor will it be paid,” he said.