THE 300metre ship CSAV Toconao (IMO 9627899, Liberian flag), with a gross tonnage of over 90,000 tonnes (DWT 116079), recently became one of the largest ships ever to dock at Port Adelaide.

According to Flinders Ports, the recent completion of a project to widen the Outer Harbor shipping channel and swing basin at Port Adelaide has allowed for the accommodation of larger post-panamax ships, which can carry up to 13,000 containers, compared with 5,000 containers for Panamax ships.


“And, we are already witnessing the positive impact of the channel widening as the first post-Panamax container ships begin to arrive at the port,” a Flinders Ports spokesperson said.

“The ships can carry more cargo, more efficiently and enable goods to flow in and out of our state more frequently.

“In the coming cruise season we will also be able to accommodate some of the world’s largest cruise ships, which will provide a significant boost for our tourism sector.”