THE WorldWide Alliance (WWA), a network of the world’s leading NVOCCs providing less-than-container-load cargo solutions, and WiseTech Global, have further expanded their integration of key rate and operational data.

The digital connection between WiseTech’s cloud-based logistics execution software CargoWise, and WWA systems now incorporates booking requests and confirmations, shipping instructions, sailing schedules, cargo tracking events, and rates.

WWA’s Kristian Larsen and Eric D’Souza said, “The collaboration between WWA and WiseTech is evidence of how beneficial real-time, integrated connections are to all parties.

“Our direct connection with CargoWise means we are reaching our global network of customers and providing a push-and-pull of vital data sets and unrestricted message exchanges that promote automation, visibility and operational excellence – all on the one platform.”

Neil Barni, who founded CargoSphere and whose WiseTech Global business unit designed the digital rate connector, said, “The benefits of combining real-time rates, schedules, bookings and tracking on the one system and accessible with just a few mouse clicks means freight forwarders are able to navigate the complexity of the global supply chain in a more efficient and time sensitive way”.


The integration enables mutual customers of CargoWise and WWA to use CargoWise to quote and operationalise shipments based on automated, digital data streams that originate from the WWA system, providing a single source of data with no manual re-entry.

“Data quality throughout the lifecycle of a shipment is critical. CargoWise leverages industry-tested algorithms and business intelligence to optimize outcomes for its customers,” he said.

“We’ve expanded the integration to provide CargoWise users with access to on-demand contract rates directly from WWA or to full data sets of negotiated rates. Together with a real-time audit process and interactive notification function, customers can view large volumes of amended rates and provide immediate electronic feedback to WWA on rate approvals.”