THE AUSTRALIAN Transport Safety Bureau is investigating the near-breakaway of containership CMA CGM Bellini in Port of Brisbane just days after OOCL Brisbane broke its lines in the same port.

On 20 May, CMA CGM Bellini was working cargo alongside a berth at a Fisherman Island container terminal at around 0640 when two of its mooring lines parted, according to a preliminary statement from the ATSB.

The ship’s bow drifted off the berth at the time another ship, APL Scotland, passed the berthed ship in the adjacent channel.

The ship’s crew responded by attending to moorings and, with the assistance of a harbour tug, the ship was secured safely back alongside the berth by 0800.


Four days earlier, on 16 May, a similar incident occurred when containership OOCL Brisbane broke away from its berth at the Fisherman Island terminal.

It mooring lines had parted at around 1313, shortly after another containership, Delos Wave, passed the berth in the adjacent channel.

“The emergency response by OCCL Brisbane’s crew included using the ship’s engines and bow thruster to manage the situation until harbour tugs arrived at 1320,” the ATSB said.

“The tugs remained with the ship and its starboard anchor was lowered to prevent the ship drifting further into the channel.

“At 1420, a harbour pilot boarded the ship and, with additional tugs assisting, conducted it to a nearby anchorage where it anchored safely without further incident.”

The ATSB said its investigation will cover circumstances related to both incidents. The bureau said it would interview relevant persons and obtain further evidence including recorded data from each incident.

The situation has been classed as a serious incident. The ATSB will publish a final report at the conclusion of the investigation.