CONTAINER: the box that changed the world is coming to the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory (MAGNT) in Darwin.

Starting this week, the free, outdoor exhibition will be open to the public through 25 July.

The Container exhibition explores the history and impact of containerisation. It aims to show how the shipping container has revolutionised the way we all live.

MAGNT director Marcus Schutenko said visitors can literally step inside these boxes to inspect the containers, which will be peppered around the museum carpark “like giant Lego pieces”.

“Each boldly coloured container covers one component of this six-part touring exhibition,” Mr Schutenko said.

The interactive exhibition is housed entirely within six 20-foot containers. Previously it has been set up in various places around the country since it was first displayed in Sydney (at the ANMM).

“This dry season, you can expect to be delighted by the quirky and innovative ways containers are used beyond shipping,” Mr Schutenko said.

“This includes small homes, food trucks, art installations and even swimming pools.”

ANMM director and CEO Kevin Sumption pointed out that 99% of Australia’s trade is conducted by sea freight.

“The container exhibition highlights the importance of this industry and how it touches all of us,” he said.

“Thanks to MAGNT, we are excited to be sharing this often-overlooked story with people in Darwin.”

MAGNT is presenting the exhibition in partnership with the Australian National Maritime Museum.

The exhibition is produced by the ANMM with the assistance of NSW Ports.

The tour to Darwin is sponsored by the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and supported by Shipping Australia and Royal Wolf Australia.

ANMM acknowledged financial and logistical support from the staff of Royal Wolf. “Their assistance has been invaluable in ensuring this exhibit could reach Darwin despite the COVID-19 pandemic,” the museum said in a statement.

MAGNT acknowledged Power and Water Corporation and Sitzler for their support.