MAERSK has joined with other shipping giants, CMA CGM and Mediterranean Shipping Company, in becoming a key shareholder and customer of Traxens.

Founded in 2012, Traxens has been developing solutions for the cargo logistics arena and has created a container monitoring and coordination solution.

CMA CGM first invested in the startup in 2012 and was later joined in 2016 by MSC.


The agreement will see Maersk invest capital in Traxens, in which it will have similar shareholder rights as CMA CGM and MSC. Maersk also commits to order up to 50,000 Traxens devices, a similar order to those placed by the other investors.

Traxens can now further focus on strengthening its solution and drive interoperability based on nonproprietary technologies and open standards. The development of Traxens as an open industry solution will benefit the strategic ambition of digitising the container shipping industry.

“Creating visibility into the condition and location of containerised cargo is bringing Maersk’s strategy to offer digital end-to-end solutions to life. Having pioneered IoT-technology in our reefer fleet, we are excited to join Traxens and collaborate on the huge potential within connected containers,” Ingrid Uppelschoten Snelderwaard, Maersk’s vice president, head of equipment said.

“With this investment we look forward to working with key industry players to advance a leading solution within connected products and technologies for high value cargo, while ensuring customer choice through interoperability and open standards.”