AFTER serving on the board of the International Chamber of Shipping for around a decade, Maersk has withdrawn its company representative from the board.

Maersk reviews its membership with trade associations annually, and following this year’s revision, the company’s executive vice-president Henriette Hallberg Thygesen stepped down from her role on the ICS board.

In a position statement on its membership in global trade associations, Maersk the annual review ensures the company is a member of the associations which lobby in align with the goals of the Paris agreement.

Reuters describes the Paris agreement as a legally binding treaty between the world’s countries, agreed in 2015, which aims to limit global warming by curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

Maersk said it also assesses how the approach and outreach of the associations reflect the company’s views and values.

“One outcome of the 2022 process is our decision to support the strengthening of the [World Shipping Council] and dedicate internal resources hereto.

“Our choice to step down from the ICS Board should also be seen in this context.”


In addition to the World Shipping Council, Maersk is also an active member of BIMCO, the Getting to Zero Coalition and the European Roundtable for Industry, all of which Maersk recognises as being in alignment with the Paris agreement.

Maersk acknowledged industry associations play a role in democratic process and provide a forum for members to debate and prepare for sector-specific positions.

“As a sector leader, we believe that active participation in trade associations is both an obligation and an opportunity to raise the bar when necessary,” it said.

“Multi-vocal by definition, trade associations are always an expression of compromise between their members.

“As such, Maersk will not always be 100% aligned with their positions, and retains, like any other member, its ability to choose a different path.

“We also believe that trade associations should in general support transparency of debates, data and technical knowledge, as these are pivotal to building trusted relationships among members and also with decision makers.”

A report from Reuters noted Maersk was not directly a member of the ICS, but is a member of trade group Danish Shipping, which is a member of the ICS.