TOTAL container throughput at the Port of Melbourne dipped in June this year compared with the same month in 2022.

The port handled a total of 258,073 TEU in June 2023, which was a 5% decrease from the 272,349 TEU handled in June last year.

Full overseas imports were down 3% to 107,873 TEU, and full overseas exports were down 0.2%.

Total container volumes for the Bass Strait trade came to 19,525 TEU in June this year, a decrease of 7% from the 20,991 TEU carried in June 2022.

Port of Melbourne reported empty container movements of 71,089 TEU in June this year, down 10% from the 79,482 handled in the previous period.

Transhipment containers saw a notable increase on last year’s volumes – the port reported 19,943 TEU in June this year, which was a 43% increase on the 13,972 reported in June 2022.

And motor vehicle trade volumes came to 37,213 units in June 2023, which was a 4.5% decrease from units handled in the same period last year.