WALLENIUS Wilhelmsen has announced it is developing a standardised packaging cube to enable electric vehicle products be shipped on ro-ro vessels.

The RoRo Cube is being developed in partnership with galvanised container provider Goodpack, the largest returnable metal intermediate bulk container provider in the world.

Wallenius Wilhelmsen said the new packaging option enables shippers to transport food such as natural and synthetic rubber, chemicals, electric vehicle batteries and auto parts.

By developing the RoRo Cube, the company hopes to support electric vehicle supply chains to enable consumers to reduce global emissions.


Xavier Leroi, chief customer officer at Wallenius Wilhelmsen, said the switch to electric vehicles is well underway.

“When this new sustainable vehicle fuel becomes the new normal, it also comes with new challenges and opportunities,” Mr Leroi said.

“The transportation of vehicle batteries is one area of specific concern to us.”

The partnership with Goodpack is expected to focus initially on shipping services from South Korea. The country’s top three battery makers reportedly accounted for 32% of the global EV battery market last year.

“With the shipping and vehicle logistics of Wallenius Wilhelmsen, we see there is a good match between our business and that of Goodpack,” Mr Leroi said.