PORT of Melbourne has announced it is planning for remediation works at Swanson Dock West to improve the condition of the existing wharf structures.

The intent of the Swanson Dock West Remediation project is to ensure the wharf structures can continue to handle container vessels over the next 50 years.

Swanson Dock West is an international container terminal comprising a 944-metre wharf with three container handling berths.

As the berths were constructed in several stages between the 1960s and 1980s, sections of Swanson Dock West wharf are reaching or have exceeded the typical design life of 30 years.


Port of Melbourne CEO Saul Cannon said deterioration of the existing wharf structures needs to be addressed to ensure the terminal can operate safely and efficiently.

“As part of our important stewardship obligations of the port, we have to remediate and proactively protect the wharf structures to ensure it operates as intended for the next 50 years,” Mr Cannon said.

“We have worked closely with DP World Melbourne during the planning and design phase of the remediation project.

“We are now engaging with our other tenants and stakeholders about potential disruptions from the works.”

The international container terminal at Swanson Dock West accounts for a significant portion of the port’s container handling capacity.

Port of Melbourne said it is required under the Port Lease and Port Concession Deed to maintain port infrastructure in accordance with good operating practice and for the benefit of the state’s economy.

Port of Melbourne is hosting two project information sessions online on Tuesday 16 August and Thursday 18 August.