ROYAL Wolf took home two accolades from the Australian Business Awards 2019.

The awards were for the Wolf Lock, a specialised product developed by the shipping container supplier. For the lock, Royal Wolf was selected as an ABA100 winner for new product innovation and an ABA100 winner for technology innovation.

The Wolf Lock features a tri-locking system, providing a higher level of security than a conventional container.

Opening a conventional container with heavy steel doors and several large levers requires a twisting motion using two arms. The Wolf Lock allows access through a single lever that requires less strength and physicality to work it.

Royal Wolf CEO Neil Littlewood said winning the awards would help raise the profile of this product in the market.

“Specialised designs and products like the Wolf Lock are based on us listening to our customers and designing innovative solutions to meet their needs,” he said.

“Winning this award will help us stay at the forefront of the industry and continue to build a portfolio of containerised solutions that make our customers’ lives safer and easier.”


Royal Wolf senior designer Ben Dupres said the Wolf Lock was born out of real customer challenges around safety and accessibility.

“We have won these awards as a result of the consistent efforts Royal Wolf makes to improve the user’s experience of our products, bolstered by our team’s dedication and positive attitude,” he said.

“For me, winning the awards builds my design confidence, reaffirms our team’s ability, and once again demonstrates the excellent attitude towards safety we have here at Royal Wolf.”

The Australian Business Awards recognise technical achievements and innovative organisations in a set of established business and product award categories.