RAIL freight company Pacific National earlier this month unveiled plans to develop a new intermodal rail terminal at Little River, Victoria. The terminal is to connect to Inland Rail.

The company aims to have the 80-hectare intermodal terminal – featuring warehousing, cold storage and refuelling facilities – operational by 2026.

Pacific National CEO Paul Scurrah said the company had secured an option over a large 540-hectare site to build the terminal and develop a surrounding logistics precinct on the existing interstate rail corridor west of Melbourne’s CBD and port.

“Pacific National’s new Little River site is in a prime position on the main interstate rail line and close to the Princes Freeway, delivering efficient freight transport connectivity to nearby logistics companies, distribution centres, warehouses, shippers, and manufacturers,” he said.

“Close to Melbourne’s freight centre of gravity, Pacific National’s plans for Little River will help to shift more freight from road to rail until delivery of the Western Interstate Freight Terminal.”

Pacific National’s Little River site is located near Melbourne’s major freight catchment zone to the west of the CBD. Here, the company says, more than 70% of containerised rail volumes are concentrated. It is 39 kilometres by rail to the Port of Melbourne.

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