VICTORIA International Container Terminal announced on 17 January that customers will be charged a COVID recovery tariff from 1 February 2022.

Referred to as a “temporary” fee, the tariff will be $3.97 (subject to GST) per container.

VICT’s Patrick Chan said in a statement, “Throughout the last two years of the pandemic, VICT has absorbed the cost of additional COVID requirements but due to the latest outbreak and overall increase in costs especially relating to Rapid Antigen Tests, we have no option but to apply a temporary tariff to recover some of the extraordinary costs.

“The temporary COVID tariff will be applied to our landside tariffs and added to each container transaction via our Vehicle Booking System as part of the weekly billing cycle.”

As part of its commitment to providing a safe working environment, VICT has implemented Rapid Antigen Testing since mid-November 2021. This has been applied to anyone who enters the terminal.


Mr Chan said, “To further ensure the supply chain continues to support the economy, as of last week, we’ve removed the landside stoppages between shift changeovers and commenced continuous operations for landside operators.

“VICT are full supporters of the Victorian Department of Transport Voluntary Pricing for Stevedore Landside Charges but under these particular circumstances, we are not in a position to provide the normal 60- and 30-day notice as per our normal known charges.”

VICT has advised it will monitor the ongoing costs and provide regular updates regarding the temporary COVID recovery tariff.