X-PRESS Feeders Group has ordered eight 1170-TEU containerships. They will be equipped with dual-fuel engines, able to run on both conventional fuel and methanol.

The first vessels will be delivered for service in late 2023, while all ships will be operational by the end of 2024.

Singapore-based X-Press Feeders said it would operate the ships on its Europe and America trade routes.

Naval architect Technolog Services designed the ships, which X-Press Feeders said would align with its practices of environmental stewardship to achieve carbon-neutral shipping by 2050.

X-Press Feeders CEO Shmuel Yoskovitz said, “We are very excited to welcome these ships into our European and Americas network. These newbuild vessels will provide cutting-edge technology to deliver a balance of environmental sustainability and operational excellence. X-Press Feeders is committed to maintaining an eco-friendly approach to expanding and modernising our global operated fleet.”