TWO Australians have returned home safely after being rescued by containership YM Excellence.

On 19 May, YM Excellence was sailing from the Chinese port of Shekou to Singapore when it spotted black smoke billowing from a yacht which soon after burst into flames.

The crew on YM Excellence tried in vain to contact the yacht. They then found a small boat with two people who had managed to escape from the burning yacht.


Captain Lee Chien-Sheng said the YM Excellence diverted and approached the boat immediately, rescued the two people and brought them on board. The crew provided them with water, blankets, food as well as cabin to stay, and reported the incident to Australian High Commission Singapore and authorities who made further arrangements to bring them home.

The two Australian survivors recalled the fire went so suddenly and fast that they were unable to send out distress signals or escape with their personal belongings including identity documents. They said they will be “forever grateful” for their rescue by the YM Excellence.