SUPPLY chain disruption from the six-day stop on export containers at Yantian Port continues, even as port authorities announce that productivity is gradually ramping up as workers return and berths open.

But, in a statement, Maersk said “the damage has already been done”.

The company said the current estimated wait at the port is over a fortnight (earlier this week they said average delays were up to 16 days) and more than 300 sailings from all liners are omitting Yantian. Maersk said 19 of its mainline services are affected.

A statement from Maersk pointed out that unceasing congestion is an increasingly important, global problem.

“The most prominent bottleneck right now is Yantian given the sheer size of it, with it being the third largest terminal in the world, but still there are many other ports where a one- or two-day wait is becoming the norm, even if arriving on time,” the company said.

“Fighting to get reliability back into operations and services back on schedule after the Suez incident in March, the port congestion in Yantian, with neighbouring ports Shekou and Nansha also affected, is an added pain at a time where global supply chains are already stretched.”