ABF officers found around 256 litres of the narcotic drug GBL concealed in an air cargo shipment that arrived in Sydney.

On 25 April 2019, ABF officers targeted the shipment consisting of 16 boxes labelled as ‘compressor oil’ for inspection. Each box was found to contain several bottles.

X-rays revealed inconsistencies in the contents of some of the bottles.

Further testing revealed approximately 128 litres of GBL secreted throughout the shipment.

On 26 April, ABF officers inspected another consignment. Upon examination, it was also found to contain about 128 litres of GBL.

Both detections remain under investigation.


ABF superintendent investigations NSW, Garry Low, said this detection should serve as a warning to those considering dealing in illegal substances.

“GBL can ruin your life in a single incident. It is an incredibly dangerous substance with a very high overdose rate,” Superintendent Low said.

“The ABF screens tens of millions of articles each year, and the fact we are able to pinpoint individual shipments and detect and seize these drugs at the border is a testament to the skills of our officers.”