ASX-LISTED Freelancer Limited, a freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace, has acquired Australia’s digital freight service Loadshift.

Launched in 2007, Loadshift has received more than 73,000 freight requests in the last 12 months alone and counts thousands of carriers as users. One request may be for a part, full or multiple load contract. After posting a request a shipper can expect their first inquiry within minutes.

“Today we are excited to announce the acquisition of Loadshift,” said chief executive Matt Barrie.

“As a successful digital freight marketplace that has always looked after its carriers and community, Loadshift aligns with Freelancer’s mission.”

“The acquisition of Loadshift builds on Freightlancer’s momentum and continues to deepen our global pool of liquidity for the freight logistics industry, around the world,” said Mr Barrie.

Loadshift will align with, a global marketplace for freight, shipping and transportation spanning from complex enterprise haulage to consumer metro deliveries, powered a large “human labour cloud” of over 50m freelancers in 247 countries, regions and territories.


Loadshift founder, Phil Callaghan said, “After a 15 year journey as the director of Loadshift, this represents the ideal next step.

“The moment is right, the family timing is perfect and the opportunity to see Loadshift’s successful model brought to the global stage by Freelancer irresistible.

“From the beginning, I have been committed to utilising technology to create a connected community of both carriers and shippers.

“When we started, there was little visibility of trucking capacity. We’ve brought that visibility to the freight community, changing the industry,” said Mr Callaghan.

The terms of the asset sale were not disclosed.