CEO of freight forwarding company Verus Global, Jackson Meyer, has launched a new venture offering an Australian owned data analysis and visualisation platform.

Known as Fickle, the product uses patent pending technology that enables clients to clearly monitor actions so that they can make more informed and accurate real-time decisions on industry specific platforms.

Fickle is available in Australia, Thailand, China, Dubai and the United Kingdom.

Following months of logging client feedback, Mr Meyer identified that there was a need for a better visibility tool for Verus Global’s clients, one that was user-friendly, and allowed customers to log in and have the data they needed right at their fingertips.

“The freight forwarding industry is typically rife with old school mentality, and has avoided adopting technology, mostly because they cannot understand, or visualise the return on investment,” he said.

“Customer expectations are shifting however, and customers require an easier, faster, more scalable way to access real-time information about their cargo – which is near impossible when companies both large and small are relying on MS Excel, or paper and file folders to share and maintain their business data.”


Fickle provides a transparent and client customised solution in real time, enabling fast and strategic decision making, as well as identifying areas of deficiency, such as price fluctuations (international and local), which play a critical role in any business.

“I like to think of Fickle as the Uber of data management,” Mr Meyer said.

“Fickle is my solution to help companies manage and evolve their operations and I look forward to sharing this with my peers – and beyond.”

As Mr Meyer was in the developing phase it became clear that Fickle was not only going to benefit the logistics and freight forwarding industries, but assist a multitude of industries including pharmaceuticals, retail and ecommerce, infrastructure, and financial services.

“Companies are not only utilising Fickle for their own internal benefits but more so to have their customers enjoy a refined user experience viewing their data,” he said.

“From start to finish, I had clients be part of the journey to develop Fickle. I sought input from operationally diverse clients to get their ideal solution, not my ideal solution.”