KEY changes have been announced to the board of the Customs Brokers and Forwarders Council of Australia following the group’s annual meeting in Melbourne.

Adam Butler has been announced as the new chairman, replacing Bruce Begley, while Brad Leonard has taken over as vice chair, replacing Susan Danks.

Addressing the CBFCA annual conference in Melbourne on Friday, chief executive Paul Damkjaer talked of the need for change and described Mr Butler as “a young go-getter from Sydney”.

“So we are in the hands of these young trend-setters for the future – this is what we need,” Mr Damkjaer said.


“We have been around for 115 years this year. It is a time that we have to look at ourselves, where we are going, what are we doing, what value do we add to the members.

“Because I can say one thing: if this association does not exist in the future, where does the future hold for the future brokers and forwarders in the future?”

Mr Damkjaer thanked past chair Bruce Begley “who has done a fantastic job”.

The CBFCA national conference continued with presentations from government and the private sector.