DP WORLD has partnered with Australia’s Reef Restoration Foundation to support recovery of coral on the Great Barrier Reef.

As part of the Reef Recovery Program, DP World is sponsoring a coral tree and the further expansion of additional nurseries established by the foundation.

DP World said its participation in the program aligns with its Our World, Our Future strategy, which focuses on sustainable practices around the communities and environments the company operates in.

“We are pleased to be able to contribute to delivering this strategy in Australia by joining forces with Reef Restoration Foundation and playing a part in the repair of our planet and our oceans,” DP World said in a statement.

“We look forward to driving our sustainability initiatives in Australia further, to continue to support our strategy of protecting the environment, strengthening the community and improving people’s lives, to change what’s possible for everyone and move towards a more sustainable world.”


The Reef Restoration Foundation establishes coral nurseries along the Great Barrier Reef using coral segments rescued from the sea floor.

The process accelerates the natural regeneration of coral and helps build the reef’s resilience to withstand future climate impacts.

“The increased frequency and severity of disturbance events across the world has prompted communities to act to protect the places they love and from which they derive connection and their livelihoods,” Reef Restoration Foundation CEO Ryan Donnelly said.

He said the Great Barrier Reef carries a critical intrinsic value beyond its significance as an iconic part of the natural world.

“We know we can’t stand by and watch its decline. From what started as an effort to build resilience at high value tourism sites, reef restoration on the Great Barrier Reef has emerged as a social movement involving individuals and businesses near and far,” Mr Donnelly said.

“It is through the generous support of DP World and others that enables this movement to gain strength and momentum.”