A COALITION of maritime value chain representatives gathered in Copenhagen last week to establish a concrete plan to fully decarbonise the maritime sector by 2050.

The Getting to Zero Coalition is a partnership between the Global Maritime Forum and the World Economic Forum. It was set up at the UN Climate Action Summit in 2019.

The coalition is a community of stakeholders from across the maritime, energy, infrastructure and financial sectors who are committed to the decarbonisation of shipping.

Close to 100 participants representing these sectors met at the working session to outline a decarbonisation plan built around the combination and acceleration of four “change levers”.

They include technology on land and on board, mobilising demand, financing and policy.

Global Maritime Forum CEO Johannah Christensen said the coalition had come a long way on its journey to decarbonise international shipping.

“During this workshop, it was clear that the members of the coalition want to go further and faster,” Ms Christensen said.

“The action plan that we developed together details out the steps we need to take collectively to reach our shared goal.”


Domagoj Baresic, research associate at University College London, said now is the time for bold action.

“The transition to full decarbonization by 2050 is possible, but countries and companies with potential to support and deploy zero-emission shipping this decade must increase engagement though more ambitious and concrete steps,” he said.

“Those facing higher barriers must rapidly adapt and prepare for the upcoming transition.”

To reach the 2021 target of achieving full decarbonisation by 2050, the development of industrial scale zero-emission shipping projects is needed, according to the GMF.

It said the adoption of policy measures to support the commercial deployment of zero-emission vessels and fuels are also necessary, making zero-emission vessels the default choice for orders by 2030.

Cargill Ocean decarbonisation and energy transition lead Keith Dawe said decarbonising shipping is to achieving net zero global emissions.

“The Getting to Zero Coalition adds further motivation for governments to empower the industry by sending a clear signal committing to full decarbonisation,” he said.