SCANDINAVIAN business Norled is working to deliver the first ferries powered by hydrogen in Norway. Its first project is to power a ferry with capacity for 80 cars, 10 trucks and 299 passengers, which will sail east of Stavanger in Norway between Hjelmeland, Nesvik and Skipavik.

Three tonnes of liquid hydrogen is to be stored on board and 400-kW fuel cells make up the energy system on the top deck.


“We are conducting in-depth risk assessments in liaison with the Norwegian Maritime Administration to demonstrate that the new technology is as safe as diesel-driven ferries,” Norled project manager Ivan Ostvik said.

The second ferry is likely to use compressed hydrogen, as the supply chain for LH2 is not yet developed in Norway.

Norled is also working with partners to develop supply chains and infrastructure required for these projects, based on using environmental friendly produced hydrogen, so-called “green hydrogen”.