AN industrial chemicals company says it has developed a range of products to tackle rust and corrosion, a major problem for the marine industry.

NCH Australia has invented a three-step process to both treat rust and prevent it from returning.

The first step is to remove contaminants from all parts.

The second step involves NCH’s patented X-Rust 7, a system that is marketed as being safe and environmentally friendly.

It works at room temperature to remove tarnish and rust from carbon steel, mild steel, cast iron and other metals, inhibiting flash rusting.

After soaking the part for between 15 minutes and 24 hours, depending on the severity of the rust, parts come out as good as new.

“Marine services and shipyards experience accelerated corrosion due to high salt content and use X-Rust 7 across their whole business. They find that it is very effective at removing white rust from zinc surfaces,” an NCH spokesperson said.

For parts that cannot be immersed, NCH has created a gel which can be rubbed onto the metal and works the same way as the original product.