A FAMILY of ospreys has moved into the port infrastructure in Port of Broome, building a nest above passing traffic.

Also known as the fish hawk, the birds can be found along Australia’s north coast and in tropical wetlands.

According to Kimberley Ports Authority, the ospreys took over a small maintenance platform alongside the wharf and turned it into a nest, raising two chicks in the infrastructure.

“This was close to passing vehicles but did not seem to worry the parents or chicks,” Kimberley Ports Authority governance manager Rosemary Braybrook said.

The port authority maintains four nesting platforms within the Port of Broome, as the region has a large osprey population.

These nesting platforms are designed to allow ospreys to build their nest above the port’s working zones and operations, away from human interactions and disturbance.

The wharf area is within the port’s landside restricted zone, but port workers and ships’ crews can catch a glimpse of the birds during breeding season.

“The port stevedores and visiting vessel employees may see the osprey, depending on the time of year,” Ms Braybrook said.    

As the birds mainly feed on live fish, the wharf affords a close launching point to catch fish for the ospreys.

The species can also be found in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea.