SIX months into a new partnership between the Port of Brisbane and Ocean Crusaders, 1.2 tonnes of river litter has been removed along Brisbane International Cruise Terminal seawall and the adjacent mangrove area. 

Since November 2020, Ocean Crusaders’ team of volunteers and PBPL employees have completed nine litter clean-up events. Thirty-six volunteers have worked 972 hours and collected 1188 kilograms of rubbish. The trash removed included many plastic items. 

The regular litter clean ups are part of a two-stage Ocean Crusaders project proudly supported by Port of Brisbane. 

The project has also received $40,000 in community grant funding from IFM Investors to expand the litter clean-up program and support the development of a solar-powered automatic river cleaner (SPARC), which is the second stage of the project. 

Developed by Ocean Crusaders, the SPARC concept is a more effective and sustainable way to capture rubbish and debris coming down the Brisbane River before it flows out into Moreton Bay.

Port of Brisbane has partnered with Ocean Crusaders since 2017 to address litter issues in the river through its Environmental Management and Community Grants programs. 

Ocean Crusaders has delivered numerous targeted litter clean-up campaigns in the Brisbane River and its tributaries, removing 78 tonnes of rubbish over the past three years.