PORT of Brisbane has received 4 out of 5 stars on the internationally-recognised GRESB sustainability survey.

Chief executive Roy Cummins said this was recognition for the port’s economic, social and governance performance against other real estate and infrastructure assets around the world.

“Together with our board and executive Team, I am particularly proud of this achievement. Sustainability isn’t a new concept for Port of Brisbane – it’s underpinned many of our operations and projects as well as our long-term planning over the years,” Mr Cummins said.

“This GRESB rating is formal – and global – recognition of our sustainability performance and recognition of the value we are contributing to the community, to the economy and to our customers. It is also an endorsement of the robust governance structures we have in place to build trust with all stakeholders and ensure transparency and accountability across our operations.”


Ms Cummins said their work was not at an end.

“We will continue to undertake the GRESB assessment annually to analyse and identify opportunities to improve our performance in the future and help achieve our sustainability goals,” he said.

“We can’t achieve such a strong result by working alone. “We prioritise working collaboratively with our customers, stakeholders and the community to deliver ESG outcomes that will benefit the broader port community and make Port of Brisbane more resilient.”