HELPING to keep pace with shipping lines’ growing demand for leased refrigerated containers, container leasing company SeaCube recently expanded its inventory with 5,000 new 40-foot high-cube containers refrigerated by Carrier Transicold PrimeLINE systems.

SeaCube’s newest acquisitions include 4,000 containers equipped with PrimeLINE refrigeration units and 1,000 PrimeLINE ONE refrigerated containers.

Headquartered in New Jersey, SeaCube has container availability in 192 depots worldwide and is focused on the refrigerated segment, serving ocean carriers whose reliance on leased containers continues to grow.

 “We continue to specify Carrier Transicold for the majority of our refrigerated containers based primarily on our customers’ preferences,” Bob Sappio, CEO of SeaCube said.


“More often than not, our customers want the Carrier machine, and the workhorse PrimeLINE system remains the standard-bearer, while interest in PrimeLINE ONE continues to grow.”

All PrimeLINE systems feature a digital scroll compressor that delivers energy efficiency and a value proposition that includes rapid pull-down, tight temperature control, high air-flow performance.

Over the past year, SeaCube has acquired 2,950 PrimeLINE ONE refrigerated containers, the most of any container leasing company. PrimeLINE ONE refrigerated containers are produced in a streamlined manufacturing process by Carrier Transicold jointly with Dong Fang International Container Co.