MARINE services company Su-Nav has installed a cybersecurity device called the Navis Arca onboard the managed vessels in its fleet. The move has been driven by a dramatic increase in the number of cyberattacks on shipping lines worldwide.

Su-Nav CEO Sachit Sahoonja said, “As digitisation gathers pace within the shipping sector, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of technological devices and applications used within the industry.

“There are also more vessels being automated than ever before, this has led to a significant rise in the risk of high intensity cyberattacks onboard vessels.”

Su-Nav has collaborated with Necurity Solutions Network Security in India to install Navis Arca onboard the ship manager’s growing fleet of vessels;  the technology can detect and neutralise cybersecurity threats.

It allows the cybersecurity experts to remotely connect to the vessel’s network and perform vulnerability assessment and penetration testing without being physically present in the vessel. The remote audits are in compliance with IMO 428 Resolution.


The device ensures maritime cybersecurity through pre-loaded customised vulnerability tools which helps to identify all types of existing electronic attacks globally.

The device is a small box designed and developed in-house by Necurity solutions, adapted specifically for the marine environment. The Necurity team made multiple visits to vessels managed by Su-Nav to launch the right product fit for use and suiting the threats posed to the vessels.

Su-Nav also provides owners with a range of varied vessel-related services, including but not limited to in-house manpower supply, training, accounting hub, project management and travel.