FIVE hundred forty kilograms of liquid methamphetamine were seized when ABF officers discovered the illegal drug hidden across two shipping containers carrying bottles of canola oil sent from Mexico. 

ABF officers identified the suspicious consignment when it arrived in Victoria on 31 March.  

The shipment contained 9360 canola oil bottles, but forensic testing confirmed that 269 of the bottles contained liquid methamphetamine rather than oil. 

Authorities estimate that amount of the drug is worth $80.7 million. 

The liquid methamphetamine seizure is the second largest in Victorian history, following AFP-led Operation Zeelandia in November 2020, which saw more than 560 kilograms of liquid methamphetamine seized and four alleged members of a transnational criminal syndicate charged. 

ABF Regional Commander Craig Palmer said the ABF’s technical expertise and sophisticated technology means that it will find the drugs, regardless of the method of concealment. 

“If criminal organisations have thought of it, chances are, we have seen it,” he said. 

“Working together with law enforcement partners increases our reach so we can disrupt criminal activity like this one, to keep the community safe from harmful drugs.” 

AFP Detective Acting Superintendent Rebecca Goddard said this most recent seizure was another example of the extreme lengths organised criminal syndicates can go to in order to import illicit substances into Australia. 

“Australian authorities continue to slam the brakes on the movement of illicit drugs across international borders and into our communities,” she said. 

“This multi-million-dollar seizure is another strong warning to organised criminal syndicates, both here and abroad, that the AFP and its Commonwealth and state law enforcement partners remain committed to identifying, targeting and prosecuting you.”