FREIGHT & Trade Alliance was one of numerous groups that collaborated with the CSIRO in the production of Australia’s Biosecurity Future: Unlocking the next decade of resilience report.

The report was developed collaboratively through interviews and workshops with 26 organisations across the biosecurity system; including Commonwealth and state governments, research, industry and non-government organisations.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has increased community and public awareness of the importance of biosecurity and has enhanced familiarity with broad biosecurity concepts,” the report states.

“This presents a unique opportunity to make transformational changes to Australia’s biosecurity system while engagement levels are comparatively high.”

According to the report, preparing Australia for biosecurity resilience in 2030 will require setting nationally co-ordinated goals across the One Health spectrum (human, agricultural, environmental and marine health sectors).

To assist with these discussions, the report describes potential 2030 scenarios for a ‘business as usual’ and ‘transformational’ trajectory.

Pursuing the transformational trajectory will require stronger collaboration across governments, industry, research and the community, and the report provides 20 recommendations that highlight priority areas for system improvement.

Recommendations fall under three themes:

• System connectivity – Digitising processes, enhancing partnerships and greater data sharing across supply chains and the One Health sectors to facilitate market access and ensure the system is capable of understanding and managing emerging risks and established pests and diseases.

• Shared responsibility – Harnessing the collective knowledge and capability of citizens, communities and industries to ensure national biosecurity efforts are optimised; and that all Australians are aware of, and value, their role in managing biosecurity risks.

• Innovation in science and technology – Creating national innovation platforms for developing and commercialising next-generation technologies and services that target priority biosecurity risks and can be sold globally.

“FTA looks forward to ongoing collaboration with the CSIRO, the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources and members in establishing innovative and practical reforms to safeguard against biosecurity risks,” FTA said in a statement.