PACKAGED Dangerous Goods, a Melbourne-based Australian company and subsidiary of Australian Worldwide Logistics, has been awarded the Best Practice Safety Award at the 2019 Australian Freight Industry Awards.

This award recognises the most innovative and practical safety solution on road or in the workplace across the transport and logistics industry.

The Packaged Dangerous Goods App aims to transform the way dangerous goods are handled and managed. The company believes it is a unique product that incorporates compliance, management, reporting, training and above all safety.

Everyone within the supply chain is running the risk of harm or injury to themselves and the public by carrying or storing packaged dangerous goods on vehicles or on premises that are not equipped or that are incompatible.


The PDG App minimises the risk of a mistake being made or an operator being unsure about the handling of dangerous goods that can be difficult with the standard paper-based system.

The PDG App allows you to:

• Compare 2-4 different dangerous good class combinations.

• Enter in UN code.

• Take a snapshot and record a history for compliance.

• Report your load compliance/non-compliance to the person responsible.

The PDG App is available on the iOS and Android App store for $5.99.