NHVR executive director freight and supply chain productivity, Peter Caprioli, has released a Draft Heavy Vehicle Productivity Plan 2020–2025 for feedback.

“This is a draft blueprint for the NHVR, government and industry to work together to improve access and productivity for Australia’s heavy vehicle fleet,” Mr Caprioli said.

“The HVPP has at its heart an objective of delivering safe, productive and efficient heavy vehicle movements for an industry that has an impact on all Australians.”


In preparing the plan, the NHVR consulted with more than 50 groups across government and industry who collectively want to promote the growth of safer and more productive vehicles that are better for the economy, environment and communities.

“Many in industry are calling for greater access and certainty, governments want improved consistency and data, and road managers want support for access and road infrastructure decisions,” Mr Caprioli said.

“The HVPP offers a pathway forward to meet the ambitions of government and the heavy vehicle industry and will be further informed through this next phase of consultation.”

The NHVR is now seeking feedback on the draft HVPP before developing an Action Plan to be released during 2020.

Submissions can be made via email to info@nhvr.gov.au and close on 13 March, 2020.