FIVE industry groups and associations are co-operating on a range of activities to further the adoption and implementation of crucial safety practices throughout the global supply chain.

The Container Owners Association, the Global Shippers Forum, the International Cargo Handling Co-ordination Association, the TT Club and the World Shipping Council are collaborating on a new guideline on packing standards for freight containers and other cargo transport units.

More information will be released on this project on 14 September, but the coalition has said it will develop two documents:

  • CTU Code – a quick guide which condenses its advice on the packing of all types of cargo transport unit into just 13 pages.
  • Container Packing Checklist – a document which itemises the principal requirements for the packing of multimodal freight containers in a simple yes/no format.

 “Two new documents intended to improve awareness and understanding of good practice standards in the packing of goods in cargo transport units,” the coalition said in a statement.

“These new documents are intended to reinforce the CTU Code as the source of a sound, practical guidance and to encourage application of it in the planning and performing of routine cargo packing operations.”