THE National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and South Australia Police have begun an investigation into allegations about the remapping of trucks.

NHVR director of investigations Steve Underwood said remapping allowed emissions controls and speed limiters on heavy vehicles to be modified.

“Remapping engines allows trucks to exceed the speed limit unimpeded, endangering all other road users,” Mr Underwood said.

“These are very serious allegations and we are concerned about how widespread this practice may be.


“This operation commenced after police intercepted a number of heavy vehicles in South Australia that were found to have had their engines modified.”

On 15 October 2019, business premises and a private dwelling in Victoria were raided. Information, documents and other evidence was obtained from these premises are currently being analysed.

“This investigation involves Police agencies from South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland as well as NHVR investigators from Brisbane and Adelaide and VicRoads officers,” Mr Underwood said.

“This level of cooperation speaks to the complexity and seriousness of these allegations.”