THE Australian Border Force has reported the case of methamphetamine or ice being found in an ice-cream making machine brought to Australia.

On 8 May 2020, a sea cargo container from Mexico was examined at the Sydney Container Facility. After anomalies were detected, the container was opened and a pallet containing a machine used to make ice-cream was removed.

The consignment was inspected by ABF detector dogs which gave a positive reaction. Further examination of the machine revealed a white crystalline substance hidden behind white foam insulation, in the metal frames of the machine. The substance was tested and returned a presumptive positive result for methamphetamine.

A total of 30kgs of the methamphetamine was found inside the machine, which has an estimated potential street value of more than $22m.


ABF NSW regional commander Danielle Yannopoulos said this detection shows ABF officers aren’t fooled by creative concealments.

“We’ve found drugs hidden in toiletries, baby products, kid’s toys and even chocolate. Regardless of how well criminals try to conceal illicit drugs, ABF officers will find them,” Commander Yannopoulos said.

The methamphetamine was referred to the Australian Federal Police. A forensic and intelligence examination was undertaken and the drugs were subsequently destroyed.